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Genesis PULSE dispatches weather-aware CAD systems for first responders

11.5.2020//Client Stories, Emergency Management

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Holly Dunn

Marketing manager, weather and environmental data

Genesis PULSE, a cloud-hosted, browser-delivered software solution offered by Texas-based company Genesis, enhances computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems. The software helps emergency call centers and first responders overcome the limitations of their numerous existing mapping solutions by providing a single real-time map display that is intuitive, secure, filterable, and replayable.

With a focus on useability, this solution simplifies dispatch and decision-making — both in-field and out — allowing users to see critical components in one view. Genesis PULSE enhances many popular CADs to ensure that the appropriate resources are sent to every incident — and fast.

The challenge

9-1-1 dispatchers are required to manage numerous screens, applications, and callers while simultaneously making critical decisions and assigning resources to help in seconds. It is challenging to quickly determine where responders are, whether they are available, and whether inclement weather is approaching or currently affecting them.

An awareness of exactly what weather-related obstacles may impede responses is critical for first responders to maintain their own safety and get them to the response site efficiently. What they had were numerous displays showcasing various datasets, not always including weather – a setup that forced responders to manually piece together large amounts of information. What they needed was a reliable, one-screen solution to aid them in making quick and effective decisions, despite the weather.

The solution

Genesis partnered with Xweather to build a detailed weather layer on top of the PULSE Live Tracking Map for emergency call centers and first responders. This weather layer offers a bird’s eye view of radar, storm cells, lightning, road weather conditions, and severe weather alerts in conjunction with caller locations, field teams, and other aid resources.

With this weather layer, the Genesis PULSE platform empowers emergency responders to proactively avoid the most severe aspects of any storm that poses a threat along their route. Users can plan responses to weather events ahead of time with a full picture of their service area and incoming weather phenomena clearly displayed. When a weather event passes, PULSE users can replay 9-1-1 responses to evaluate decisions and train teams on best practices going forward.

The results

Genesis PULSE visually displays locations of first responders, 9-1-1 callers, weather, and more on a single map display, making it simple for dispatchers to deploy the fastest and most effective responses to those in need. The result is better-informed, risk-aware decisions for dispatchers and first responders. These innovative CAD enhancements certainly align with the company’s tagline: “Simplify Dispatching, Validate Decisions, See Everything”.

Holly Dunn

Marketing manager, weather and environmental data



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