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Bringing Wx Horizon to Canada with KSMI Weather

1.22.2024//News, Wx Horizon

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Anastasia Manner

Marketing Manager

Hello Canada! We're thrilled to announce our official partnership with KSMI Weather, a leading provider of weather data and services in Canada. Under this partnership, KSMI is now an official Vaisala Xweather agent for Wx Horizon and Cast Sensors across Canada.

Through this collaboration, KSMI will offer its customers a broader range of weather data and services. We look forward to working with KSMI to help transportation agencies and public works teams in Canada improve road safety and weather awareness.

"We are pleased to be partnering with Vaisala to offer Xweather Roads products to our customers," says Kyle Smith, CEO at KSMI Weather. “Winter maintenance in Canada requires precision and reliability, partnering with Vaisala Xweather ensures our clients have access to cutting-edge technology and the most accurate hyper-local surface weather data, even in the toughest conditions.

The challenge of Canadian winters

Maintaining hundreds of kilometers of roads during Canadian winters poses distinctive challenges for our maintenance teams. A significant number of KSMI's clients reside and operate in regions frequently affected by sudden and severe lake-effect snow events, capable of paralyzing a community in an instant. The geographical layout limits radar coverage to the most densely populated areas. Consequently, a single radar site outage can result in a 500-kilometer area devoid of radar coverage. Coupled with the scarcity of observation points, Canadian winters present formidable challenges not just in handling winter events when they occur but also in predicting them.

Facing tough weather conditions with (just as tough) Vaisala Cast sensors

Vaisala Cast sensors will transform weather monitoring practices for clients of all sizes, addressing the diverse needs in the sector.

Vaisala Cast sensors will transform weather monitoring practices for clients of all sizes, addressing the diverse needs in the sector.

KSMI Weather is bridging the gap between expensive weather service providers and smaller organizations or municipalities seeking affordable access to high-quality data. Recognizing the limitations of the observation network in Canada, where micro-climates significantly impact weather conditions, KSMI Weather strategically monitors remote observation advancements. Vaisala Cast sensors are the optimal choice: they offer powerful features, minimal maintenance, and easy installation. These sensors will transform weather monitoring practices for clients of all sizes, addressing the diverse needs in the sector.

Communities dealing with extensive road networks and the ongoing impacts of winter events – some very remote and localized - can finally have the solution they deserve. Cast sensors, complemented by the strategic usage of Wx Horizon, not only overcome limitations in observation data but also enhance data accuracy and overall road safety. This ensures that KSMI Weather continues to be at the forefront of delivering precise and timely weather information, empowering its clients for effective maintenance and community preparedness, especially during the challenges of Canadian winters.

Anastasia Manner

Marketing Manager

Discover Wx Horizon

Wx Horizon is designed specifically for road winter maintenance professionals. It allows you to make winter maintenance decisions with confidence and save on costs, use less salt, and keep your communities safe.

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